Geotechnical 3D Modelling

Geotechnical problems nowadays are becoming more complicated which plain strain models would not be sufficient. Three-dimensional modelling of the geotechnical problems is necessary in these types of situations to provide a more cost- effective design and a more realistic prediction of the ground and structure movement. We have the capability and expertise in the highly specialized skills of carrying out three-dimensional modelling for the complex geotechnical problems.

Manhole Supported on Composite Foundation

Geo-3D FEM analysis of ERSS work to facilitate the installation of a 1.5m deep precast U-drain underneath the existing cross-over road. To overcome the site headroom constraint, ERSS work with bay-by-bay localized excavation and step-by-step erection of the 1.5m-deep precast U-drain is proposed with localized excavation in each stage of the construction process to minimize the impact to the overhead and the adjacent roads; the impact to the existing MRT tunnel is also evaluated.

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

Excavation for Extension of a Box Culvert under Vehicular Bridge above MRT Tunnel

Geo-3D FEM modelling of manholes supported on composite foundation of bored piles and JGP block with subsequent pipe jacking operation between RC Piles under the existing drain (sewer pipe supported on JGP columns).

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

Pipe Jacking within MRT 1st Reserve

Construction of new manholes and pipe jacking work are conducted within the existing MRT first reserve zone, and an elaborate and realistic Geo 3D FEM impact analysis is conducted to evaluate the impact of the proposed works on the existing MRT twin tunnels.

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

ERSS using Racked Struts, Sheet Pile and Gabion Wall

Geo-3D FEM modelling of permanent Gabion wall at one side and temporary raker-strutted sheetpile wall at the other side to facilitate the staged construction of an improved RC drain.

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

3D Impact Assessment of DSM / DCM Installation on Existing Pipe

Geo-3D FEM impact analysis of existing 1200mm EO RC pipe & 2200mm NW steel pipe due to DSM installation machine loading and DSM installation works within a Dwall enclosure.

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

Assessment of Differential Settlement due to Omission of JGP Underneath Box Culvert

The proposed JGP columns (2.0m @2.0m c/c) are installed for the support of the proposed 1.5m Sewer Pipe, but encounter obstruction at the location of the existing RC box culvert and thus has to be omitted. Geo-3D FEM impact analysis is conducted for the proposed Sewer Pipe due to the omission of the JGP beneath the existing RCBC.

ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd.

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